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Open merchandiser TIMOR, is a sophisticated cooling device designed for effective presentation of products. With a new design solutions, TIMOR offers more of exposition area than traditional merchandisers on the market.


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NEW IGLOO PRODUCT - with a panoramic exhibition space. Thanks to the large glass surface it allows excellent exposition of products. Designing SUMBA, Igloo engineers increased to the maximum the exhibition space. Energy-efficient LED lighting will efficiently illuminate the products and also will provide lower power consumption.

Plants Growing Cabinets

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Plants growing cabinet produced by IGLOO it’s a professional cooling-heating device designed to support Specialized producing processes. Guaranteed working temperature inside the cabinet in daily mode +5ºC/+35ºCat an ambient temperature of 15 º C / 25 º C and relative humidity to 65%.

CAMARA de residuos ODP

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La camara de residuos ODP estan proyectados para el almacenamientos de residuos organicos y evitar asi cualquier contaminacion bacteriana.La refrigeracion e isolacion de los residuos almacenados en la camara evitan su degradacion y malos olores.

Gastroline CUBE

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Gastroline CUBE-novedad IGLOO que se caracteriza por tener una exposicion panoramica.Con la utilizacion de cristales mas grande se hace posible una mejor exposicion y presentacion de los productos.A la hora de proyectar el Gastroline CUBE,los constructores IGLOO han aprovechado al maximo la superficeie de exposicion.Con los tubos de iluminacion LED,tambien en colores para pasteleria,los productos aqui expuestos garantizan un buena exposicion y un menor consumo de enrgia.

KING - Open Cooling Merchandisers

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KING AT - with a unique design solution where the entire cooling system was moved to the rear wall of the device through which we gain an extra exposition shelf .

Pastry display counter Kameleo

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New IGLOO device dedicated to confectionery industry, and a worthy successor of JAMAJKA and MARTA - current best-sellers in this sector. Kameleo has even bigger exposition area, modern design and revolutionary system for housing change "Kameleo" which allows you to easily, without using any tools, replace a complete housing of the device (the sides, front panel, etc.). When we were designing Kameleo we have focused our attention on saving energy. LED lighting as a standard equipment and efficient cooling system guarantees even lower power consumption.



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